Water Connects Us

Jun 18, 2020

Water for Colorado coalition partner, Audubon Rockies, recently published a blog entitled Connected by Water in which author Abby Burk reflects on the coronavirus pandemic and the vital role that healthy rivers play in our physical, emotional, and economic recovery. At a time when Colorado faces severe budget cuts from the economic downturn, we must recognize the importance of the natural systems on which we depend. Burk writes, “Healthy waterways make for vibrant economies and resilient communities.”

How do we ensure our waterways remain healthy? We need to look no further than Colorado’s Water Plan. Finalized in 2015, the Water Plan provides guidance for sustainable water use with measurable outcomes and goals to help secure Colorado’s water future for all users that depend on it, including environmental, agricultural, municipal, industrial, and recreational needs. The Water Plan lacks sufficient funding for implementation and now, more than ever, is the time to invest in our water resiliency, stability, and sustainability. Check out Audubon Rockies’ blog for the full story.

Connected by Water

Jun 22, 2020 -
Water for Colorado coalition partner, Audubon Rockies, recently published a blog entitled Connected by Water in which author Abby Burk