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Fifty Years of Instream Flow: What it’s Taught Us, and Why We Love it

Mar 19, 2024 -
Fifty years ago, America was experiencing an environmental awakening with the passage of the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts by Congress. Here in Colorado, state decision...

Raising Your Voice for Colorado’s Rivers with Colorado River Drought Task Force Public Comment

Oct 12, 2023 -
The Colorado River has been pushed to its breaking point by drought, climate change, and unsustainable water demands. The entire Basin, including Colorado, is in desperate need...

Wins for Water: The 2023 Legislative Session in Review

Jun 06, 2023 -
The 2023 legislative session began with the promise that water would be the “centerpiece” of this year’s agenda; and indeed, it resulted in conversations around water that...

Celebrating the Coalition’s Women in Water

Mar 08, 2023 -
The Water for Colorado Coalition is lucky to work with incredible women every day on securing a more resilient future for Western Water. For this International Women's Day, they...

A Year (Of Water) In Review

Dec 19, 2022 -
At the beginning of this year, Governor Polis declared 2022 the “Year of Water.” It is easy to see why — this year

Looking Back and Looking Forward: The Colorado River Compact Turns 100

Nov 24, 2022 -
On November 24, , the Colorado River Compact celebrates its 100th birthday. This 4-page document  — signed in Santa Fe, N.M. by the seven states through which...

Ask the Experts: A Water Plan Q&A

Sep 27, 2022 -
With Abby Burk and Alex Funk 1. What does the Water Plan mean for Coloradans like me? Water supports the lives...

Hacia Una Mayor Equidad en el Plan del Agua de Colorado

Sep 19, 2022 -
Por Jared Romero y Beatriz Soto El agua afecta a todos los aspectos de la vida en Colorado y, por tanto, a todos los habitantes de...

Towards a Deeper Equity in the Colorado Water Plan

Sep 08, 2022 -
By Jared Romero and Beatriz Soto Water impacts every aspect of life in Colorado, and therefore impacts every Coloradan. Ensuring equitable access to clean, safe drinking water as...

Building Towards Resilience Through Legislative Priorities

Jan 21, 2022 -
Last week, Colorado’s 2022 legislative session began with a sobering reminder and call to action from Speaker Alec Garnett: “Climate change is a clear and present danger...

A Conversation with Colorado’s Legislators

Nov 05, 2021 -
Earlier this week, the Water for Colorado Coalition convened a group of state legislators for a discussion on drought in the Colorado River Basin and why it...

Your Voice Matters for Colorado’s Rivers: Engage in the Water Plan Update Process

Oct 13, 2021 -
During the development of the Colorado Water Plan six years ago, Water for Colorado came together to help ensure Coloradans’ voices were heard in the creation of the plan. In...

Get To Know Your River Basins

Oct 07, 2021 -
Our rivers are the lifeblood of the American West, and we all know that river and water management are both fundamentally important and infinitely complex, governed through...

Meet Water for Colorado’s Statewide Team

Sep 10, 2021 -
When the Water for Colorado Coalition came together in 2015 around the creation of the Colorado Water Plan, we were united by a simple belief — that...

Water Funding Playbook

Aug 23, 2021 -
The purpose of this guide is to assist water conservancy districts, nonprofits, local governments, citizen stakeholder initiatives and others in learning more about successfully implementing new local sources of...
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