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Final Colorado Water Plan Highlights

Dec 10, 2015

The CWP Planfollowing are  highlights from the final 2015 Colorado Water Plan submitted to Gov. Hickenlooper on Nov. 19.

At a Glance: Colorado’s Water Plan Supports:

  1. A productive economy that supports vibrant and sustainable cities; viable and productive agriculture; and robust skiing, recreation, and tourism industries
  2. An efficient and effective water infrastructure
  3. A thriving environment that includes healthy watersheds, rivers, streams, and wildlife

Colorado Water Plan Measurable Objectives

Supply-Demand Gap: Reduce the projected 2050 municipal and industrial gap from as much as 560,000 acre-feet to zero acre-feet by 2030.

Conservation: Achieve 400,000 acre-feet of municipal and industrial water conservation by 2050.

Land Use: By 2025, 75 percent of Coloradans will live in communities that have incorporated water-saving actions into their communities.

Agriculture: Agricultural economic productivity will keep pace with growing state, national and global needs, even if some acres go out of production. Share at least 50,000 acre-feet of agricultural water using voluntary alternative transfer methods by 2030.

Storage: Attain 400,000 acre-feet of water storage in order to manage and share conserved water.

Watershed Health, Environment and Recreation: Cover 80 percent of the locally prioritized lists of rivers with stream management plans, and 80 percent of critical watersheds with watershed protection plans, all by 2030.

Funding: Review options to raise additional revenue
in the amount of $100 million annually ($3 billion by 2050) starting in 2020.

Education, Outreach and Innovation: Improve the level of public awareness and engagement about water issues statewide by 2020.